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our 50th season with us!

See you in the fall!

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Both Lifts operating- Tow Rope & Handle Tow

All Runs open

Machine Groomed

Terrain Park

-A-frame and dragon up! 

Table, long box, rainbow rail, 1/4 pipe, rails, funbox,

tubes, and turn table. 


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Tips for your First Day and What to bring

Take a lesson! Like anything, you'll improve the most when you receive some guidance. The best way to become a good skier or snowboarder is to take a lesson from one of our qualified instructors. You'll safely learn more in a 1 hour lesson than you will all day on your own.  Try one of our Discover Snowboarding or Skiing Programs.  They include lesson, lift and equipment.  Our Holiday Camps are also a great way to learn!

·         Obtain proper equipment. Be sure to have your ski or snowboard bindings adjusted correctly. You can rent quality ski or snowboarding equipment at Stony.

·         Dress in layers. Layering allows you to accommodate your body's constantly changing temperature. For example, dress in polypropylene underwear (top and bottoms), which feels good next to the skin, dries quickly, absorbs sweat and keeps you warm. Wear a turtleneck, sweater and jacket.

·         Be prepared. Mother Nature has a mind of her own. Bring a headband or hat with you to the slopes, 60 percent of heat-loss is through the head. Wear gloves or mittens (mittens are usually better for those susceptible to cold hands).

·         Know your limits. Learn to ski and snowboard in control.

·         If you're tired, stop skiing. Stop before you become fatigued. Injuries usually result from fatigue. Have a seat and enjoy the people around you. Most of all, have fun.

What to Bring

Here is our list of recommended items for you to bring skiing or snowboarding in order to guarantee a fun first day on the slopes.


·          Hat - if your head is warm the rest of you is likely to stay warm.

·         Waterproof Gloves/Mittens - mittens are warmest. For the tow rope the best is leather garbage mitts or glove protectors on your regular mitts.  Both are available at our rental shop for sale.

·         Goggles/Sunglasses - Goggles are strongly recommended on cold or snowy days for warmth and increased visibility.

·         Jacket/Parka (water resistant)

·         Synthetic or wool base layers for top & bottom - it's better to be warm than cold, you can always shed layers. Synthetic materials help to wick moisture away from your skin. Once again, do not wear cotton as a base layer.

·         Snow/Water resistant pants - very important, your 1st day will acquaint your butt to the snow, keep it warm & dry.

·         Warm, dry socks - No cotton. Wear only one pair of socks.

·         ID, Wallet, Cash

·         Extra Clothes - to change into when you're all done, in order to go out and celebrate your 1st day.

Equipment - If you decide not to rent, bring skis, ski boots, and poles; or a snowboard and snowboard specific boots.

Tips for Your First Day

Never been skiing or riding before? This section will walk you through the steps of getting a lift ticket, picking up rental and where to go for your first lesson.


We accept cash, Interac, Visa or Mastercard,
You will receive a lift ticket. Instructions for affixing your lift ticket are located in the rental shop. Employees of Stony are happy to assist you with explaining and will show you how to affix your lift ticket.


There is one rental shop at Stony go to our Daylodge or Main Chalet (brown building) and follow the sign to the rental shop.

The Process at the Rental Shop:
Once inside the Rental Shop fill out your rental form completely. Then come to the cashier counter.  They will process your rental package, lift ticket and/or lesson for the day.  The rental shop staff will fit you with your equipment.  You will be asked questions such as height, weight, and ability. This lets the technicians adjust the equipment specifically for you.

If you are skiing and want poles, pick those up on the way out and you are ready to go!

You will need a valid Visa or Mastercard to rent equipment.



Lesson sign up is sometimes available but we recommend that you call a couple of days in advance so that we can schedule a snow pro.  The best Deal and package is a Discover Snowboard or Ski Program.  The Family Fun Package is a wonderful option for families. The rental counter staff will introduce you to your Instructor in the Chalet.



You may already have most of the recommended items at home or in your closets.

The most important thing to remember are to wear wind and water resistant/proof pants (no jeans), and jacket. Find something that can "breathe," allowing perspiration and excess heat to escape through the fabric.  One lightweight and/or one heavy jacket to allow for changing weather.  You can adjust for temperature changes by what you wear underneath.

Dress in layers for maximum warmth.

Undergarments of polypropylene or some other synthetic fiber that wick away perspiration from your skin to the outside layer.  Don't wear cotton next to your skin. When it absorbs your perspiration, it will stay wet. Then when you decrease your activity (ride the lift, for instance), you'll be cold. A light shirt, turtleneck, or fleece to wear over the underwear. A sweater of wool or fleece for insulation and warmth, these are excellent layering pieces.

Hats, helmets and headbands: Wear something on your head. Since more than 60 percent of your body's heat can escape from an uncovered head, it's real important to wear a hat, headband or helmet when it's cold.  Helmets are included in our Discover packages.

Neck Gator/neck tube, face mask, balaclava: These accessories are great when the temperature drops. Caution – Scarves are not recommended for safety reason and must be tucked inside your jacket so that they do not get tangled in the lift equipment.

Sunglasses and/or goggles: Sunglasses and goggles protect eyes from the sun.

Gloves and mittens: Most gloves and mittens use waterproof, breathable fabrics. Leather options are great for comfort and to use on the rope tow. Synthetic mitts and gloves can be used on the beginner handle tow. Mitts, in general, are warmer than gloves.  WE sell Garbage Mitts at the rental shop and glove protectors.

Consider the type of activity you'll be doing. Snowboarding gloves and mittens often have a reinforced palm because of extra wear from adjusting bindings. Some snowboarding gloves and mittens also have built-in wrist guards, which are excellent for novice snowboarders.

Socks: One pair of lightweight or medium-weight socks works best for skiing, or snowboarding. Socks are made from a variety of materials, including polyester, silk, wool and nylon. Some socks have wicking properties similar to long underwear, meaning your feet will stay dry and comfortable. Resist the temptation of putting on too many pairs of socks. You'll restrict circulation and actually cause your feet to get colder. 

 More ski tips for Novice and Intermediate skiers from the Canadian Association of Ski Instructors

Stony Mountain Trail Map


Download a printable PDF of our trail map

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